Insurance Fraud

Don’t rule out anyone in a possible search for “stolen” items in a reported loss claim. We recently conducted a search for stolen items and it turns out the Claimant’s son had loaded items such as a lawn mower, tool box, air compressor, power tools, weed trimmer into the back of his dad’s truck and just took off. The Claimant initially stated that he put all these items in his truck on a regular basis and he had no idea who did it. We found it hard to believe that every power tool he owned was kept in his truck. The Claimant has an idea that his son may have been the one to steal his truck and all the tools but he wasn’t being open and honest about it. The fraud was discovered and we helped to deny the claim and the son was reported to the authorities.

You cannot predict human behavior

We were recently sent on an investigation to determine if a person with an alleged back injury was on a bowling league. The individual was listed on a team roster but we felt he was merely a sub on the team. We set up surveillance on the night his team was scheduled to bowl. We made a decision to initiate surveillance at his employer instead of the bowling alley. He left work and drove directly to a fishing lake and was fishing for 2 hours. He was videotaped fishing for 2 hours and bending over effortlessly to grab items from his tackle box. He was also standing on rocky uneven surfaces around the lake. All of these were outside of his doctors restrictions. He eventually went home for the night and did not leave his residence. If we would have waited for him at the bowling alley we would have wasted our time and the clients. Kansas City private investigator Jeff J. McDonald

Take investigative action

When in doubt push a pawn
In the game of chess when you are in doubt or indecision you can move a pawn as your move. Many times a claim file or legal action requires somebody to do something to get the file moving again bringing it closer to settlement. There have been many times that an Investigator is called to perform a routine check and viola’ the file gets moving again and sometimes it even results in a ”checkmate”. It’s your turn to move and a great time to hire Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald

Can I borrow your cell phone?

Can I borrow your cell phone

If you suspect a cheating spouse and want to make a quick check of their honesty and openness ask to use their cell phone to make a call. Conveniently leave your phone in your car while at home then ask to make a call from their phone and then walk out of the room while you are talking on the phone. If they have inappropriate things or secret things on their phone they will not want you to get too far out of their site. They may even follow you as you go into another room. If they won’t even let you use the phone then it’s time to look into other areas of their lives by using a Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald

What is a pretext


Long before cell phones and text messaging investigators were practicing an art called the pretext. This tactic is used to get information from individuals that could not be obtained through normal investigative inquiries. .

Definition: The reasons assigned to justify an act, which have only the appearance of truth, and which are without foundation; or which if true are not the true reasons for such act

That definition seems complicated….Here is an example to make things easier to understand. An individual has a car for sale in his front yard with his phone number listed. An investigator contacts this individual to inquire about the vehicle but during the conversation the investigator asks if the seller is at home or work because he would like to stop by and test drive the vehicle. Now the investigator knows if the seller is currently home, if he has a job and maybe some other information from the conversation that will provide clues that will help in the investigation. Investigators continue to pretext to create a strategic advantage for you. Contact Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald 913-541-0237