Confidential Sources

When a company has been in business for 18 years they start to acquire a decent sized list of trusted individuals who know what is going on inside a small town. A town “know it all” type person. A call can be placed to this source and he/she can give the investigator a good background of the Subject or issue in question before leaving the office. The source can also be called to ask around town for additional information as the case progresses. These sources can save you time and expenses on each case. We strive to have a confidential source documented in each report. We currently have a source updating us almost daily on a case in St. Joseph, MO. We also have a source in Lawrence, KS that is sending email updates on his neighbor across the street providing us with vehicles, license plates and activity updates. Let a Kansas City Private Investigator use confidential sources for you.

Price is right big wheel spin undoes work comp claimant

If you’re going to try and cheat the workers compensation system it pays to stay off national television. Former postal worker Cathy Wrench Cashwell’s big double handed spin of the Big Wheel in 2009 was the beginning of her downfall, having claimed she was unable to work due to a 2004 workplace shoulder injury. The game was well and truly up – which is probably why she pleaded guilty in federal court. Cashwell was photographed riding a zipline on a cruise and hauling furniture and bags of groceries. Pretty mean feat for someone who claimed she couldn’t stand, sit, kneel, squat, climb, bend, reach or grasp.
Many cheats are arrogant and don’t think anyone will come out looking for them. They will just submit an injury claim and wait for the legal system to write them a check.
You don’t have to see someone on national television to get the wheels rolling on an investigation. Call or email and let us know who needs to be looked at today

GPS Tracking device unlocks the mystery

GPS Tracker device unlocks the mystery. 

Was he seeing other women? Was he at the bar? What was he doing all day?

Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald was hired to find out. A GPS Tracker was installed on the vehicle. Turns out he was running to a bank and the liquor store right before he picked up his child from daycare at 5:30 pm and keeping the liquor hidden in his van. He could then drink the liquor the next day at his home office and be sobered up before his wife came home at 6:30 pm. We also found he has a separate bank he was withdrawing the money from to purchase the liquor.

Do you believe in INTUITION?

We recently went on a case in Carthage, MO. After arriving intuition kicked in and we were convinced that the Subject was no longer residing here. After some additional MVR searches an address popped up as a “former” address but something didn’t look right in the data. This address was quickly searched in Webb City, MO and the Subjects two registered vehicles  were parked there. This process took less than 30 minutes. 20 minutes later the Subject came out and started working on his vehicle and we had the cameras rolling.

The Art of the Interview

Interviews are worth more if the individual likes you. 

The value of the interview is greatly enhanced if the interviewee likes you. They will also supply more information, work harder to remember details and they make a better witness if the case goes to trial. Do everything to first create a great positive start to the interview by finding common interests with the interviewee and spending some time conversing about the issues of the day. Take your time getting to the hard hitting questions and then make sure to spend adequate time AFTER the interview to stand around and talk with them. Leave them with a great feeling about the experience and tell them it was pleasure meeting them.

Father lies baby dies

 A few years ago an infant was born into the world and everthing seemed normal to the parents. The parents took the child in for a routine 5 month check up with the doctor. The doctor noted that the child could not lift its arms overhead. After the visit the doctor had to reluctantly inform the parents that the infant had major nuerological problems and would probably not live more than a year. A few weeks later the father went to his insurance agent and took out a $35,000 dollar policy on his child. They no longer associated themselves with this doctor and relocated to another town. The infant died 5 months later on Jan 1st. Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald was hired to conduct due diligence in accordance with the insurance policy. The doctor was eventually located and when she was told of the policy she was appalled. She distinctly told the parents of her concerns and had written it all down in her file notes. The death was a sad situation for the parents but fraud was not the solution to help them through the grieving process.

Expect the Unexpected

Shoulder Injury

On a recent surveillance the Subject was at the grocery store and lifted a small child and groceries into his vehicle. On the way home he stopped at the post office and the Investigator wasn’t expecting to get any significant footage at a post office. However, he decided to keep the video camera on the Subject’s vehicle as it backed out from between two vehicles. The car was backing up under human power!! The vehicle wouldn’t start and the subject was pushing it up an incline with an “alleged” shoulder injury. He then reached in and pulled on the steering wheel with no power assist and again pushed the vehicle in an effort to push start the manual transmission (stick shift) vehicle. A RIGHT shoulder injury and shifting a 5 speed. Video was later taken of the interior of the vehicle to display the 5 speed shifter.

Daughter united with Father after 32 years

August 9th, 2012 was the day that Brandy met her father Paul for the first time. They met in Wichita, KS and spent several days together.

Back in 1979, Brandy’s mother Colleen was living in Bartlesville, OK and a dashing young accountant from New Mexico had arrived in town for a temporary work assignment. The two spent some time together over the next few months and eventually Paul was reassigned to another job in Cleveland, OH. Unbeknownst to both of them at the time Colleen was pregnant with no way to contact Paul. Brandy was born on 1/12/1980. Since the day of her birth Brandy has never met her birth father. For 32 years Paul was unaware that he was even a father. Paul is now 58 years old and has NEVER had any children. Brandy reached out to an Investigator to assist her in finding her birth father. Paul was located at his work station in Albuquerque, NM. Paul was asked if he would like to be put in contact with his daughter. Paul was overwhelmed with the news and said he would love to meet his daughter. The two met in Wichita and after finding out Brandy had two children Paul traveled to northern Missouri to meet them. They plan to spend Christmas together in New Mexico. Paul comes from a very large family and they are all eager to meet Brandy and her two children. Brandy indicated to the investigator that she was thankful from the bottom of her heart that is now complete

Sniper “kills” Claimant

Years ago we had a case where the Claimant lived out in the country in a flat, wide open area. Parking on the gravel road would have been too obvious. The investigator sat calmly at a distance and keep the binoculars on the Claimant’s residence. The Claimant came out and looked around. Not seeing anyone began to cut and stack wood on his property. When he became fully distracted that’s when the Investigator slowly moved his vehicle into a closer position to take the shot and began to video tape. After an hour of hard wood cutting and stacking the Investigator sensed that the Claimant was nearing the end. The Investigator slowly backed out of site before the cutting was complete. When the Claimant finished he looked around and again not seeing anyone he went inside. The Investigator was still there watching at a distance through the binoculars waiting for the next opportunity to take a sniper shot. Getting good evidence requires patience, skill and knowing when to move in and strike and when to back out. Not arousing suspicion allows for the Claimant to perjure himself to the court and discredit his own testimony

Employee Conduct and Safety in the Field

Your company has an image that has been built over years of hard work and dedication to safety and excellence. Keeping that image is important to the longevity of your business. Maintaining safety procedures is also a key factor in your business growth. You send employees out in the field with your company name and logo on their shirts, hard hats and work trucks. What are they doing to degrade your business in the public eye. Are they walking around with their shirt untucked, are they smoking and drinking on the job, are they taking 1 hour breaks, are they acting unbecoming of your business image.

What about SAFETY? Are they really wearing proper safety equipment? Are they bypassing safety devices and guards that could cause and injury? Surveillance video does not lie. Take a couple days to really see what it looks like when you are not there. Don’t assume, get the facts. Call (913) 541-0237 for scheduling