Knowledge is power – Get it

For you to make better decisions regarding claims and settlements you need all the information at your disposal. Knowing your Subject can give you the upper hand. What does he/she do? What are their activities, sports, habits and places they frequent? Are they the reclusive type or outgoing and active? Are they involved in the community?Do they own and ride a motorcycle? Do they own other property? Do they cut wood, hunt mushrooms? This is all pivotal information when negotiating a case or determining investigative strategies going forward. You want the upper hand it’s more fun that way.

Kansas City Private Investigator – Jeff J. McDonald

Elderly woman has wedding ring stolen during manicure

An elderly lady who lived in a nursing home received a manicure a few weeks before she passed away. During the funeral her daughter noticed the wedding ring was missing. She always wore the ring and promised the ring to her daughter upon her death. The police were contacted along with a Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald. A thorough interview was conducted with the daughter and all known employees surrounding the elderly lady. A canvass was also conducted of local pawn shops using a picture of the ring. The ring was located just a few miles away at a pawn shop along with a suspect name. The thief turned out to be a female that provided manicures to the nursing home. She claimed she found the ring on the ground. The authorities are charging her with theft. The family heirloom is now safely back with the daughter.