Knowledge is still power – part 2

A recent case involved a rural surveillance. Conversations at the courthouse with an appraiser and a town local revealed that the Subject was very reclusive and was rarely seen in town. The Subject’s mother was in poor health and it was believed the Subject was caring for her. The Subject was last seen at an auction. The Subjects father would not allow anyone on the property including the county appraiser who was run off the property with a gun. The Subject’s farm is run poorly and is disorganized. The Subject has a brother who lives in a neighboring state and is married. The Subjects cousin lives in the area and we know his name and phone number. We know who owns the neighboring properties of the Subject. With all this information you can better access what type of individual you are dealing with and the next step in the case. This information can also be used to develop more information and leads to give you the upper hand. Kansas City detective – Jeff J. McDonald

Knowledge is power – Get it

For you to make better decisions regarding claims and settlements you need all the information at your disposal. Knowing your Subject can give you the upper hand. What does he/she do? What are their activities, sports, habits and places they frequent? Are they the reclusive type or outgoing and active? Are they involved in the community?Do they own and ride a motorcycle? Do they own other property? Do they cut wood, hunt mushrooms? This is all pivotal information when negotiating a case or determining investigative strategies going forward. You want the upper hand it’s more fun that way.

Kansas City Private Investigator – Jeff J. McDonald

Insurance Fraud

Don’t rule out anyone in a possible search for “stolen” items in a reported loss claim. We recently conducted a search for stolen items and it turns out the Claimant’s son had loaded items such as a lawn mower, tool box, air compressor, power tools, weed trimmer into the back of his dad’s truck and just took off. The Claimant initially stated that he put all these items in his truck on a regular basis and he had no idea who did it. We found it hard to believe that every power tool he owned was kept in his truck. The Claimant has an idea that his son may have been the one to steal his truck and all the tools but he wasn’t being open and honest about it. The fraud was discovered and we helped to deny the claim and the son was reported to the authorities.

Hay, Hay, Hay

The handmade sign alongside the road indicated “HAY FOR SALE” with the Claimant’s phone number. A call was placed to the number and a meeting was set up to “inspect” the hay. Turns out the Claimant was buying hay by the semi-load and reselling it for a profit to farmers and ranchers in the area. SHE also indicated that she would load the hay. That seemed pretty straightforward all we needed was a large flatbed trailer to carry the hay and a vehicle to tow the trailer. A trailer was rented and we purchased 60 bales of hay and filmed the Claimant carrying every bale from the front of the semi trailer then stepping down to the flat bed trailer then stacking the bales neatly on the trailer. Oh and yes we also got a close up of the money being paid to the Claimant. Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald delivered to video tape to the client and they were excited about the outcome.

Confidential Sources

When a company has been in business for 18 years they start to acquire a decent sized list of trusted individuals who know what is going on inside a small town. A town “know it all” type person. A call can be placed to this source and he/she can give the investigator a good background of the Subject or issue in question before leaving the office. The source can also be called to ask around town for additional information as the case progresses. These sources can save you time and expenses on each case. We strive to have a confidential source documented in each report. We currently have a source updating us almost daily on a case in St. Joseph, MO. We also have a source in Lawrence, KS that is sending email updates on his neighbor across the street providing us with vehicles, license plates and activity updates. Let a Kansas City Private Investigator use confidential sources for you.

Price is right big wheel spin undoes work comp claimant

If you’re going to try and cheat the workers compensation system it pays to stay off national television. Former postal worker Cathy Wrench Cashwell’s big double handed spin of the Big Wheel in 2009 was the beginning of her downfall, having claimed she was unable to work due to a 2004 workplace shoulder injury. The game was well and truly up – which is probably why she pleaded guilty in federal court. Cashwell was photographed riding a zipline on a cruise and hauling furniture and bags of groceries. Pretty mean feat for someone who claimed she couldn’t stand, sit, kneel, squat, climb, bend, reach or grasp.
Many cheats are arrogant and don’t think anyone will come out looking for them. They will just submit an injury claim and wait for the legal system to write them a check.
You don’t have to see someone on national television to get the wheels rolling on an investigation. Call or email and let us know who needs to be looked at today

Sniper “kills” Claimant

Years ago we had a case where the Claimant lived out in the country in a flat, wide open area. Parking on the gravel road would have been too obvious. The investigator sat calmly at a distance and keep the binoculars on the Claimant’s residence. The Claimant came out and looked around. Not seeing anyone began to cut and stack wood on his property. When he became fully distracted that’s when the Investigator slowly moved his vehicle into a closer position to take the shot and began to video tape. After an hour of hard wood cutting and stacking the Investigator sensed that the Claimant was nearing the end. The Investigator slowly backed out of site before the cutting was complete. When the Claimant finished he looked around and again not seeing anyone he went inside. The Investigator was still there watching at a distance through the binoculars waiting for the next opportunity to take a sniper shot. Getting good evidence requires patience, skill and knowing when to move in and strike and when to back out. Not arousing suspicion allows for the Claimant to perjure himself to the court and discredit his own testimony