Insurance Fraud

Don’t rule out anyone in a possible search for “stolen” items in a reported loss claim. We recently conducted a search for stolen items and it turns out the Claimant’s son had loaded items such as a lawn mower, tool box, air compressor, power tools, weed trimmer into the back of his dad’s truck and just took off. The Claimant initially stated that he put all these items in his truck on a regular basis and he had no idea who did it. We found it hard to believe that every power tool he owned was kept in his truck. The Claimant has an idea that his son may have been the one to steal his truck and all the tools but he wasn’t being open and honest about it. The fraud was discovered and we helped to deny the claim and the son was reported to the authorities.

Confidential Sources

When a company has been in business for 18 years they start to acquire a decent sized list of trusted individuals who know what is going on inside a small town. A town “know it all” type person. A call can be placed to this source and he/she can give the investigator a good background of the Subject or issue in question before leaving the office. The source can also be called to ask around town for additional information as the case progresses. These sources can save you time and expenses on each case. We strive to have a confidential source documented in each report. We currently have a source updating us almost daily on a case in St. Joseph, MO. We also have a source in Lawrence, KS that is sending email updates on his neighbor across the street providing us with vehicles, license plates and activity updates. Let a Kansas City Private Investigator use confidential sources for you.