Knowledge is still power – part 2

A recent case involved a rural surveillance. Conversations at the courthouse with an appraiser and a town local revealed that the Subject was very reclusive and was rarely seen in town. The Subject’s mother was in poor health and it was believed the Subject was caring for her. The Subject was last seen at an auction. The Subjects father would not allow anyone on the property including the county appraiser who was run off the property with a gun. The Subject’s farm is run poorly and is disorganized. The Subject has a brother who lives in a neighboring state and is married. The Subjects cousin lives in the area and we know his name and phone number. We know who owns the neighboring properties of the Subject. With all this information you can better access what type of individual you are dealing with and the next step in the case. This information can also be used to develop more information and leads to give you the upper hand. Kansas City detective – Jeff J. McDonald

Up on the housetop reindeer…??

Up on the housetop reindeer…??

No it’s not a reindeer its a guy with a leaf blower? What is he doing up there? Apparently he is blowing all the leaves off his roof and out of his gutters. We were caught totally by surprise like the guy in the cap who just laid down for a long winter’s nap. This guy on the roof had an ankle injury and has not returned to work for years. If he can walk a multi-pitched roof line without hesitation it’s probably time for him to return to work. How did he get up there? You mean to tell me he can climb ladders too? As the song goes, Up on the Housetop click, click, click capturing video and it’s not Saint Nick. Contributed by Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald


Hay, Hay, Hay

The handmade sign alongside the road indicated “HAY FOR SALE” with the Claimant’s phone number. A call was placed to the number and a meeting was set up to “inspect” the hay. Turns out the Claimant was buying hay by the semi-load and reselling it for a profit to farmers and ranchers in the area. SHE also indicated that she would load the hay. That seemed pretty straightforward all we needed was a large flatbed trailer to carry the hay and a vehicle to tow the trailer. A trailer was rented and we purchased 60 bales of hay and filmed the Claimant carrying every bale from the front of the semi trailer then stepping down to the flat bed trailer then stacking the bales neatly on the trailer. Oh and yes we also got a close up of the money being paid to the Claimant. Kansas City Private Investigator Jeff J. McDonald delivered to video tape to the client and they were excited about the outcome.

Do you believe in INTUITION?

We recently went on a case in Carthage, MO. After arriving intuition kicked in and we were convinced that the Subject was no longer residing here. After some additional MVR searches an address popped up as a “former” address but something didn’t look right in the data. This address was quickly searched in Webb City, MO and the Subjects two registered vehicles  were parked there. This process took less than 30 minutes. 20 minutes later the Subject came out and started working on his vehicle and we had the cameras rolling.

Expect the Unexpected

Shoulder Injury

On a recent surveillance the Subject was at the grocery store and lifted a small child and groceries into his vehicle. On the way home he stopped at the post office and the Investigator wasn’t expecting to get any significant footage at a post office. However, he decided to keep the video camera on the Subject’s vehicle as it backed out from between two vehicles. The car was backing up under human power!! The vehicle wouldn’t start and the subject was pushing it up an incline with an “alleged” shoulder injury. He then reached in and pulled on the steering wheel with no power assist and again pushed the vehicle in an effort to push start the manual transmission (stick shift) vehicle. A RIGHT shoulder injury and shifting a 5 speed. Video was later taken of the interior of the vehicle to display the 5 speed shifter.

Sniper “kills” Claimant

Years ago we had a case where the Claimant lived out in the country in a flat, wide open area. Parking on the gravel road would have been too obvious. The investigator sat calmly at a distance and keep the binoculars on the Claimant’s residence. The Claimant came out and looked around. Not seeing anyone began to cut and stack wood on his property. When he became fully distracted that’s when the Investigator slowly moved his vehicle into a closer position to take the shot and began to video tape. After an hour of hard wood cutting and stacking the Investigator sensed that the Claimant was nearing the end. The Investigator slowly backed out of site before the cutting was complete. When the Claimant finished he looked around and again not seeing anyone he went inside. The Investigator was still there watching at a distance through the binoculars waiting for the next opportunity to take a sniper shot. Getting good evidence requires patience, skill and knowing when to move in and strike and when to back out. Not arousing suspicion allows for the Claimant to perjure himself to the court and discredit his own testimony