Our Fraud Investigator for Fraud Claims Investigation

Fraud Investigator in the MidwestAt McDonald Investigation and Consulting, our private detective is an experienced fraud investigator. He has experience working with insurance companies, attorneys, and individuals in order to uncover the facts surrounding fraudulent claims and cases. Our Kansas City fraud investigator can work on all types of cases including those that require travel and investigation throughout the entire Midwest.

To begin working with our fraud investigator to investigate any type of case, contact the professionals at our private investigation company directly at (913) 541-0237.

Services Available from Our Fraud Investigator

We love investigating all types of fraudulent cases and circumstances as a fraud investigator. This includes performing any type of investigation, which involves potential fraud or misrepresentation of circumstances. Our experienced fraud investigator will work relentlessly to uncover the truth and reveal the facts of any fraudulent case.

Our Fraud Investigator Digs Deeper to Uncover the Truth

Our fraud investigator prides himself on being a hound dog, who thrives on catching the criminal. He has the ability to think like a criminal. During a fraud investigation, we will take on the creative mindset needed to think outside the box and purse avenues that will lead to results.

Surveillance & Fraud Investigation ServicesOur fraud investigator can work with all types of cases including insurance investigations, malpractice investigations, and other accident or injury investigations. We can provide these investigation services throughout the entire Midwest especially in the Kansas City metropolitan area. To learn more about the services available from our insurance fraud investigator, please contact our private investigator. We look forward to working with you to uncover the truth and catch fraudulent criminals in their tracks.

Some of the types of investigations and cases on which our fraud investigator can work include:

  • Medical Malpractice Investigations: Medical malpractice investigations are performed in order to help defend a doctor from fraudulent claims. During these types of investigations, our insurance fraud investigator will determine the patient’s current level of activity. The goal of these investigations is to confirm that the actual condition of the patient is as stated and to reveal when the extent of the claim has been exaggerated.
  • Disability Income Investigation: During a disability income investigation, our fraud investigator will investigate a case in order to discover and reveal fraudulent disability claims. As part of these investigations, our fraud investigator will visit the insured to obtain a written or recorded statement that portrays the current status of the individual and a prognosis for recovery. The investigator will also obtain the necessary medical records from all medical providers in order to confirm a claim’s validity.
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations: When working as an insurance fraud investigator, our detective will help insurance companies to discover fraudulent claims. This can help insurance companies recover significant financial savings. The goals of insurance fraud investigations include determining the legitimacy of a claim, investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident, and discovering the extent and validity of any claimed injuries.

Activity Checks & The Fraud Investigation Process

During many types of accident, injury, or other fraud investigations, it may often be necessary to perform activity checks. When performing an activity check on an injured party or claimant, our fraud investigator will visit the claimant’s residence and perform some surveillance and investigation. This will include:

  • Watching to see if the claimant can be caught performing any activities that are outside of their medical restrictions and obtaining photographic or video evidence
  • Looking at the claimant’s physical property and surroundings to uncover any indication that the claimant is performing restricted activities
  • Canvassing the neighborhood to speak with neighbors regarding any activities they have witnessed the claimant performing

Learn More About Our Fraud Investigation Services

If you would like to learn more about our fraud investigation services, please contact our private investigator today. Our fraud investigator looks forward to working with you to help you uncover the truth and reveal fraudulent claims.