Insurance Services from Our Insurance Fraud Investigator

Our Private Investigator offers Insurance Investivation ServicesA part of our relentless fraud investigation service is to offer a variety of insurance investigation services especially insurance fraud investigation. As an insurance fraud investigator, we can investigate insurance claims for all types of accidents and injuries including auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, and product liability investigations. Additionally, our insurance fraud investigator can also work with life insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims.

With experience as a leading insurance fraud investigator based out of Kansas City and serving insurance companies throughout the Midwest, we can investigate any claim in order to uncover fraudulent claims and save your company thousands and even millions of dollars. If you would like to learn more about the services available from our insurance fraud investigator or about any of our fraud investigation services, please contact our private investigator. You can also read more about our services available as a fraud Investigator here on our website.

Our Insurance Fraud Investigation Services

Insurance Fraud Investigation in the MidwestWith our insurance services, our insurance fraud investigator can investigate all types of claims and accidents. The primary goal of our insurance fraud investigator is to discover the truth and to uncover fraudulent claims. Therefore, we will gather information surrounding an incident and purse all potential leads in order to build a defense against fraudulent claims. During our insurance fraud investigation services, we will utilize a variety of methods and techniques including performing covert surveillance, collecting witness statements, and conducting background investigations in order to help your company defend against claims. The result of our successful insurance investigation services is to help your company realize significant savings by protecting you against fraudulent claims.

Some of the primary investigation techniques and methods that will help our insurance fraud investigator develop a deeper understanding of the claim and the situation surrounding this incident include:

  • Providing Covert Surveillance of the Claimant to Collect Visual, Video, and Photographic Evidence
  • Performing Witness Locates to Discover New Perspectives and Insight Surrounding an Incident
  • Completing Witness Interviews to Develop a Clearer and more Thorough Understanding of the Circumstances Surrounding any Accident
  • Conducting Background Searches to Determine the Character and Relevant History of Witnesses or Claimants

Types of Cases for Our Insurance Fraud Investigator

At McDonald Investigation & Consulting, our insurance fraud investigator is experienced working with insurance companies on all types of claims investigations. This includes:

  • Auto Accident Investigations: For auto accident investigations, our insurance fraud investigator will collect witness statements and conduct a thorough investigation in order to develop a better understanding of how an accident happened and who is at fault. The investigator may also investigate injured parties to determine that all stated injuries are real and true.
  • Slip and Fall Investigations: Slip and fall case investigation involves looking at the circumstances surrounding the accident as well as investigating the claimant to determine that the claimed injuries actually exist.
  • Product Liability Investigations: During product liability investigations, our insurance fraud investigator will investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident or product malfunction as well as the injuries claimed as part of the accident.
  • Life Insurance Investigations: For life insurance investigations, our insurance fraud investigator will investigate suspicious claims that occur during the contestable period of the policy. As part of this investigation, we will obtain a medical authorization granting access to gather information from doctors, hospitals, clinics, relatives, and the spouse. This may also require canvassing medical facilities or clinics in the area to determine the health of the deceased individual prior to death.

Learn More About Our Insurance Fraud Investigator

To learn more about the services available from our insurance fraud investigator, please feel free to contact us today. As an experienced Kansas City private investigator providing our services all over the Midwest, we look forward to building a relationship with your insurance company to offer thorough insurance fraud investigation services for all of your suspicious claims.