Worker’s Compensation Investigation & Surveillance Services

Workers compensation claims can cost companies and insurance providers thousands of dollars. However, when the claims are paid as the result of employee fraud, it becomes an unjustified and costly expense for the company and insurance provider. At McDonald Investigation & Consulting, our Kansas City private detective can conduct thorough workers comp investigation and surveillance services for clients throughout the Midwest in order to discover the truth and reveal fraudulent claims. To learn more about our workers comp investigation services or to begin working with a private investigator for your fraudulent claims investigation, contact us online or by phone at (913) 541-0237.

Our Workers Comp Investigation Process

Workers Comp Investigation ServicesThe primary focus of our workers comp investigations is to discover fraudulent injury claims which can help employers and insurance companies save thousands of dollars. During the workers comp investigation process, we will perform the necessary surveillance and investigation activities in order to uncover the truth. After conducting a thorough investigation, our private investigator can then provide a complete report listing our findings and documenting any specific evidence we uncover. Overall, our workers comp investigation services will help human resource departments to discover fraudulent workers compensation claims and provide the evidence and proof needed to defend against claims.

Our workers comp investigation process includes:

  • On-Site Investigation: The primary step in our workers comp investigation process is for our private investigator to perform 2 to 3 days of on-site investigation. This investigation includes covert surveillance of the employee or claimant’s activities throughout the day. During the on-site investigation and surveillance process, our goal will be to gather video evidence and proof.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: After completing the surveillance investigation, the final step in our workers comp investigation process is for our private investigator to supply a complete and thorough report revealing information and evidence discovered during the investigation and surveillance process. This comprehensive report and documentation can be used to defend against fraudulent claims and can help companies recover significant savings.

The Goals of Workers Comp Investigations

The primary goal of our workers comp investigation and surveillance services is to catch a claimant through visual and video surveillance performing activities, which they have stated they are physically unable to do, or performing those activities, which have been restricted by the doctor because they will slow recovery time. For all of our workers compensation investigation and surveillance services, we provide video evidence that includes a date and time stamp documenting when the video was taken. The evidence collected in our workers comp investigations can be used by human resource departments to defend against workers comp claims and reduce the company’s liability.

Workers Compensation Investigation for FMLA & Medical Leave Abuse

Workers Comp Investigation in Kansas CityAnother aspect of our workers comp investigation services is to investigate FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) or Medical Leave abuse. With this service, we can provide a private investigator to investigate employees taking advantage of medical leave policies and benefits. We can conduct covert investigations to discover if employees are being honest by confirming that they are missing work because they are actually ill themselves or are taking care of sick relatives or family members as they claim to be.

Learn More About Our Workers Compensation Investigation Services

If you would like to learn more about our workers compensation investigation services that are available to clients located throughout the Midwest, please contact our Kansas City private investigator. As a leading investigator specializing in discovering the truth and catching fraudulent claims, we are proud to offer all types of surveillance and investigation services in order to reveal fraud and build a legitimate defense against fraudulent claims.